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Coolsense Refrigeration Solutions Waikato


Vat and Milk Pre-cooling  

  • Instant compliance to milk cooling standards

  • Increased cooling capacity over traditional chilling systems

  • Chills multiple vats

  • Lower current draw for chilling output

  • Significant reduction in refrigerant footprint

  • Optional High grade heat recovery – producing hot water up to 65ºC averaging 280 litres per hour

  • Simple and quick installation

  • New Zealand designed and manufactured.


Insulated Vat Wraps

  • 5 Year warranty.

  • Locally made from wool blended fabric.

  • Proven savings through reduced refrigeration costs.

  • 20% additional refrigeration capacity. 

  • up to 40% less energy for refrigeration. 


Automated monitoring

  • Intelligent cooling performance.

  • Interactive displays for refrigeration overview.

  • 24/7 system monitoring.

  • Multiple data points for milk cooling cycle.

Need Coolsense Expertise? Ace Electrical Has You Covered.

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