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About Us

In the beginning…
They say half the battle is won when you're born and I was one of the lucky ones. I arrived on a sunny April morning in 1968 as the eldest of four children. Mum and Dad were (and are still living on the farm) dairy farmers in Mangateparu near Morrinsville.

Living on the farm was a great way to grow up. Riding motor bikes and driving tractors, milk cows and hanging out with Dad on the farm. I learnt the virtues of hard work, respect for the land and working in with all different kinds of people from a young age. Not to mention the hay gang and many summers picking up and stacking small square hay bales (Big Squares and Round Bails are an awesome idea!!!!!)

Getting Started…
I left school at 16 and was fortunate to get an apprenticeship with Heathcote and Wills in appliance servicing. I gained my apprenticeship and stayed with Heathcotes for 5 years. I used to have a "few quiets" with Jeff Carney, the owner of Ace Electrical and one thing lead to another and he took me on to complete a full electrical apprenticeship. I learnt heaps from Jeff and his team from residential work right through to commercial and rural work.

In June 1995, Jeff decided to move on and I brought Ace Electrical. We've operated the business ever since and have seen a heap of changes over that time. Who would have thought you could have robots milking cows!

I've always been keen on learning. Since taking over Ace Electrical I've completed my Electrical Inspector Qualification so I often help out other sparkies getting their work signed off. I've also completed training programs in Arteor Home Automation Systems, programming PLC logic controllers (helpful if you own a factory, cowshed or anything that requires automation) and Solar Power installations (no I didn't vote for the Greens)!

What We Do..
Just give us a call on 0800 889 612 to discuss your requirements or get a free quote on-line today!

What Makes Me Tick…
Family, friends and fun are big for me.

Angelique and I have four teenage children which is great fun. Angelique also owns a successful hair salon (Loulous in Cambridge) and Yes, there are a few business discussions around the dinner table. We love spending time doing stuff together like water skiing and fishing.

I love mountain biking as it keeps me fit and out in the fresh air. Te Miro and the Redwoods in Rotorua are primo spots for mountain biking. Plus I have a quad bike that I love to blast around on. We've ridden all round the North Island including Gisborne, Taupo, Woodhill and the Waikato.

Travel is also a biggie for us… We've been to Australia, Rarotanga, Fiji, Tahiti and through Asia. The warm places are a theme for us. Next on the list is America.

Doing a great job is important to me. I get a real kick from positive feedback from our clients. That's why our values are a key part of how we operate at Ace Electrical. Our values are… being on time, honesty, fair price for a good job, and involving our team and clients to get the best results.

Alan Gellert - Ace Electrical Director

Alan Gellert - Ace Electrical Director
Ang and I cruising out of Brisbane Harbour

Ang and I cruising out of Brisbane Harbour

Over water Bungalo in Tahiti...primo spot!!!

Over water Bungalo in Tahiti...primo spot!!!

Tubing with the kids on Lake Tarawera

Tubing with the kids on Lake Tarawera

5 Reasons to call ACE Electrical

  1. Availability - NOW for emergencies or when you need us.
  2. Your job - Your jobs the right size for us. No job is too big, too small or too ugly.
  3. Ontime - Everytime, we can guarantee it.
  4. Electrical specialists - Your complete electrician specialists including Rural, Domestic, and Commercial maintenance and electrical construction.
  5. Multiple solutions - Something to suit your budget.

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